Wallaceburg Regional Gathering - Unstopping the Wells of REVIVAL with Barbara Yoder

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The Old Czech Hall, 116 St. John Street East, Dresden, ON N0P 1M0

We want to invite you to this Special Event hosted by Wallaceburg Regional UNBRIDLED at “The Old Czech Hall” in Dresden, Ontario on May 7, 2016 with Guest speakers Apostle Barbara Yoder & Mary Audrey Raycroft with worship by Psalmist Kathryn Marquis


The purpose of these regional gatherings is to release God's people into the potential of their giftings, callings and destinies. Our goal is simple, yet comprehensive in scope and is committed . . . .

To unstop the rich wells of revival dug so many years ago by previous generations To ignite & maintain new Fires of Revival in Southwestern Ontario To reach people in cities, towns, villages & crossroads leaving no one behind To release the "Wind of the Spirit" to fan the Flames of Revival To raise up a triumphant & radical remnant of God's people To bring transition in the hearts & minds to shift the spiritual climate in the region To prepare hearts and minds for life-changing encounters with God To restore the Church to its original blueprint as in the Book of Acts To build bridges to bring unity, harmony and co-operation to Southwestern Ontario To deploy an army of Believers to prepare for the coming Great Harvest in Canada To preach the Gospel, teach, train & disciple by gathering, equipping & sending The ALABASTER Jars are being unstopped, the Oil is flowing, ANTICIPATION is rising and we will stand in AWE of the coming breakthrough!